Hi! I'm Nick.

I'm a software developer and web designer in Denver, Colorado. I primarily work with the .NET Framework, but I spend a lot of time working with Node.js and other web technologies too. I've also been known to enjoy developing games on occasion. HintCode is my personal website where you can see what I'm working on or contact me.



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JWT authorization middleware for use with micro-http-router. Currently only supports tokens in the Authorization header. Used to protect endpoints behind JWT authorization and to automatically place JWT claims in the http.ClientRequest object for use with route handlers.


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micro-http-router is a simple, Express-like router for zeit's micro that uses a radix tree via radix-router. It supports most, if not all, of the HTTP verbs, and tries to be as lightweight and quick as possible.


PathWatch is an application to document, view, and fix problems on trails and walkways for pedestrians and bicyclists. PathWatch was my senior capstone project and I was responsible for the portion of the application used to manage the reported problems. While I don't have the ability to host the full application anymore, the management portal will soon be available for demonstration purposes.


Download Slingshotters 1.1

This game was created as part of the Unreal Epic Megajam (2015) in collaboration with a 3D artist. This was a weeklong jam and the theme was "Standing on the shoulders of giants." I was curious about the logistics involved in a racing game, so we went down that route with a Wipeout-inspired game. Our idea for theme was using an activated ability to hamstring leading opponents and to give yourself a considerable boost. A week's time was hectic, but it was a really fun project, and we have a fully working racing game with AI to show for it!

Take-Two Treehouse

Take Two Treehouse is a game about recording movies. Get your creative juices flowing by writing exciting scripts like the awe-inspiring Dangzilla, the thrilling Ace Spaceman: Intergalactic Private Eye, and the captivating Spaghetti Sheriff. Then take up the camera and shoot some scenes! Make sure your cast choose the right word when it’s they’re in the spotlight with an exciting “Choose-The-Correct-Word” minigame! Mow the world’s fastest growing lawn for your allowance, or your parents won’t be happy. And finally, debut your movie on Saturday. If it’s not any good, a lot of people won’t show up, but if it is good, you’ll make a few fans, who will tip better than regular patrons!